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Madhu’s Restaurant has always been a great place to dine. You can always be sure of good food, brilliant ambience and lots of theatre. With its stylish contemporary look, the restaurant certainly stands out in the hustle and bustle of Southall. Madhu’s makes a superb venue choice for private dinner parties and corporate entertainment as it host a Private dining room for up to 35 guests. Contact us on: 020 8574 1897   Reserve now on By toptable      

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Vegetarian Selection

  • Papadoms (plain or spicy) £0.50 (2 peces)
  • Thin, crisp lentil crackers, served fried or roasted.
  • Vegetable Samosa £2.50(2 pieces)
  • Triangular shaped filo pastry filled with spicy vegetables, then deep fried for crispiness.
  • Hara Bhara Kebab £4.50 (pieces)
  • Finger sized kebabs made from Indian cottage cheese (paneer), green peas, spinach and fenugreek, flavoured with coriander.
  • Aloo Papri Chat £4.50
  • A refreshing, crunchy combination of fried wheat crisps (papri), boiled potato cubes, chickpeas and chopped onion in a fresh mint and tangy tamarind sauce, garnished with fresh coriander. Served cold.
  • Aloo Tikki £4.50
  • Authentic deep-fried potato cakes, lightly spiced, flavoured with pomegranate seeds, topped up with yoghurt, chickpeas and sweet and sour tamarind sauce.
  • Pilli Pilli Boga £4.50
  • A crispy fried colourful combination of aubergine, cauliflower, mushrooms, baby corn and peppers, flavoured with garlic and ginger.
  • Mogo Jeera/Fried £4.50
  • Fresh cassava pan-fried with roasted cumin seeds and freshly ground black pepper. Or fresh cassava deep-fried and seasoned with spices.
  • Chilli Paneer £5.50
  • Indo-oriental style of tossing cubes of Indian cottage cheese (paneer), onion, green chillies and peppers in a tangy sauce.
  • Gobi Surkh Angaar £5.50
  • Crispy fried cauliflower tossed in chef\\\'s special chilli garlic sauce.
  • Tandoori Paneer Tikka £5.50
  • Home-made Indian cottage cheese (paneer), cubed and marinated with yoghurt, ginger, garlic, red chillies and spices, cooked in tandoor.

Non-Vegetarian Selection

  • King Prawns Achari £9.00 (2 pieces)
  • King prawns marinated in fresh pickle spices and garlic, char-grilled in tandoor.
  • Masala Fried Tilapia £7.00 (6 pieces)
  • \\\'Tilapia\\\' a fresh water fish, specially flown in from Kenya\\\'s Lake Victoria, marinated in a perfect blend of spice and lemon, coated with batter and crisply fried.
  • Tandoori Salmon £8.00 (4 pieces)
  • Char-grilled salmon fillet, with a delicate flavour of carom seeds and lemon.
  • Zafrani Murg Malai Tikka £6.50 (6 pieces)
  • Tender, juicy mildly spiced boneless chicken chunks kept overnight in a garlic cream (malai) with a touch of saffron and cheese marinade, then roasted in tandoor.
  • Chicken Tikka £6.50 (6 pieces)
  • Pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, chillies and spices, cooked to perfection in a tandoor.
  • Tandoori Chicken £7.00 (2 pieces)
  • Chicken on the bone marinated in yoghurt, red chillies and spices roasted in clay oven.
  • Butter Chicken £7.00
  • Pan-fried buttered chicken, cooked according to Madhu\\\'s family recipe and served on the bone.
  • Jeera Chicken £7.00
  • On the bone chicken pieces, pan fried with roasted cumin seeds and freshly ground black pepper.
  • Chilli Chicken £7.00
  • Succulent on the bone chicken pieces tossed with fresh green chillies, fenugreek and spices.
  • Nyamah Choma £7.00
  • A Traditional African Masai warrior dish of spares ribs made on open fires in Masai Mara. Madhu\\\'s have adapted this dish by using lamb ribs, marinated in chilli and lemon and chargrilled in tandoor.
  • Tandoori Lamb Chops £5.50
  • Tender Spring Lamb Chops left in a special marinade of blended spices, cooked on skewers in tandoor.
  • Sheekh Kebab £6.00
  • Juicy- mouth watering kebabs, prepared from home minced lamb tenderloin, blended with fresh herbs and spices, cooked to perfection in tandoor.
  • Meat Samosas £2.50 (2 pieces)
  • Triangular shaped filo pastry filled with spicy minced lamb keema, then deep fried for crispiness.
  • Tandoori Mix Grill £14.00
  • An assortment of kebabs on a platter — Achari Prawns, Chicken Malai Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Sheekh Kebab and Tandoori Lamb Chops.

Main Courses

Vegetarian Selection

  • Mutter Paneer £6.50
  • Cubes of home-made Indian cottage cheese and garden peas cooked in a light runny gravy, enhanced with cumin seeds.
  • Palak Paneer £6.50
  • Home-made Indian cottage cheese simmered in light spices and garden fresh spinach.
  • Methi Gobi Ki Subzi £6.00
  • Fresh fenugreek leaves and cauliflower combined together in a unique style.
  • Mixed Vegetable Jalferezi £6.00
  • Sweet corn, mushrooms, mixed peppers and courgettes stir fried in a pungent coriander flavoured thick sauce.
  • Baigan Ka Bharta £6.00
  • Char-smoked aubergine pulp, cooked with onion, cumin and green peas.
  • Pindi Chollay £6.00
  • Chickpeas cooked with tomatoes, garlic and ginger, flavoured with our own aromatic hand ground garam masala.
  • Punjabi Kadi £6.00
  • Vegetable dumplings simmered in a light gram flour and sour yoghurt curry tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.
  • Bhindi Masala £6.00
  • Fresh okra sautéed with dry roasted spices, onion and diced tomatoes, enriched with dry pomegranate seeds.
  • Aloo Raviya £6.00
  • Another Madhu\'s speciality, baby aubergine stuffed with roasted spices and new potatoes, slow baked until melt in the mouth.
  • Dall Makhni \\\'Madhu\\\' £6.00
  • Black urid lentils, stirred over a slow fire for many hours until creamy and irresistible, especially with their flavour of green cardamom.
  • Tarka Dall (Channa) £6.00
  • Traditional yellow lentil (channa dhal) flavoured with crisply fried garlic and onion (the tarka) tempered with asafoetida and cumin.
  • Saag Aloo £6.00
  • Baby potatoes cooked with fresh spinach, enhanced with crushed black peppercorns.

Non-Vegetarian Selection

  • King Prawn Masala £13.00
  • An exotic preparation of king prawns, cooked in a rich masala gravy with a blend of spices, distinctly flavoured with carom seeds (ajwain).
  • Masala Fish £11.00
  • Filet of Tilapia (fresh water fish from Kenya\'s Lake Victoria) cooked with great care with Madhu\'s unique masala sauce, flavoured with roasted cumin seeds.
  • Karahi Murg £10.00
  • Succulent chicken morsels cooked in spicy and fragrant thick gravy, finished in traditional Indian wok (Karahi).
  • Makhni Chicken £10.00
  • Chicken pieces simmered to succulence in a mild gravy, enriched with butter (makhni) and cream and aromatically spiced with cardamom and cinnamon.
  • Methi Chicken £10.00
  • Chicken pieces simmered to succulence with fresh and dry fenugreek (methi), in a traditional savoury Punjabi sauce.
  • Machuzi Kuku - on the bone £10.00
  • Chicken cooked in Madhu\'s legendary runny spicy light sauce.
  • Karahi Gosht £10.00
  • Hot and spicy lamb cooked in a sauce with tomatoes, onion, ginger and garlic. Cooked in the traditional Indian wok (Karahi).
  • Rogan Gosht £10.00
  • Tender lamb pieces slow cooked to gently tenderness in an onion, tomato, ginger and garlic masala sauce.
  • Keema Mutter £9.00
  • Minced lamb and green peas (mutter) seasoned with cardamom and flavoured with fenugreek leaves cooked in the traditional style.
  • Boozi Bafu - on the bone £11.00
  • Spring lamb chops, on the bone, gently simmered to tenderness in Madhu\'s sumptuous onion and tomato sauce with our alluring own blend of freshly ground spices.



  • Cucumber and Jeera Raita £3.50
  • Freshly made yoghurt flavoured with cucumber and roasted cumin.
  • Boondi Raita £3.50
  • Freshly made yoghurt flavoured with cumin and ground black pepper with tiny crisp gram flour puff balls.
  • Fresh Garden Salad £3.50
  • Chef\' s exotic creation.

Rice Preparations

Rice Preparations

  • Plain Rice £3.00
  • Steamed basmati rice.
  • Rice Pillau £3.50
  • Basmati rice cooked with fresh green peas and cumin seeds.
  • Murg/Gosht £13.00
  • Traditional aromatic rice preparation, basmati rice cooked with chicken or lamb.
  • Subz Biryani £10.00
  • Traditional aromatic rice preparation, basmati rice cooked with vegetables.

Bread Preparations

Bread Preparations

  • Chapaties £1.50
  • Whole wheat bread cooked on a tava (traditional iron griddle).
  • Plain Paratha £2.50
  • Layered whole wheat bread pan-fried in butter.
  • Lachedar Paratha £3.00
  • Layered white flour bread, cooked in tandoor.
  • Bhatura £2.50
  • Crispy deep-fried puffed leavened bread.
  • Tandoori Roti £2.50
  • Whole wheat bread cooked in tandoor.
  • Roomali Roti £2.50
  • A soft thin flat bread made on a special upside down griddle.
  • Tandoori Naan £2.50
  • Leavened white flour bread cooked in clay oven.
  • Garlic Naan £2.50
  • Clay oven baked buttered naan, flavoured with garlic and fresh coriander leaves.
  • Peshwari Naan £3.50
  • White flour dough, leavened and stuffed with nuts, sultanas and coconut, cooked in tandoor.


  • Choice of Häägen Dazs Ice Cream £4.00
  • Cookies & Cream, Vanilla, Strawberry and Belgian Chocolate.
  • Lychees or Mango Slices £4.50
  • Served with Häägen Dazs Ice Cream.
  • Kulfi Badam (our Chef’s speciality) (N) £4.00
  • Home-made traditional Indian cone shaped Ice Cream with almonds.
  • Gajer Ka Halwa (N) £4.00
  • Traditionally caramelised carrot dessert, a favourite from the Northern Frontier of India - served hot.
  • Gulab Jamun (N) £4.00
  • Deep fried spongy milk cake dumplings in syrup - served hot.
  • Rasmalai (N) £4.00
  • Rich, sweet milk sponge in creamy milk syrup, dressed with pistachio and almonds.
  • Kheer (N) £4.00
  • Authentic Indian rich rice pudding made with dry fruits and hint of Cardamom.
  • Madhu’s Trio Platter (N) £5.50
  • Assortment of Chocolate Truffle Mousse, Exotic Fruit Tartlet and Lemon Saffron Cheesecake.


  • English Breakfast £2.00
  • Description
  • Ceylon £2.00
  • Description
  • Darjeeling £2.00
  • Description
  • Earl Grey £2.00
  • Description


  • Filter Coffee £2.00
  • Description
  • Cappuccino £2.50
  • Espresso £2.50
  • Description
  • Café Latté £2.50
  • Description

Speciality Coffees

  • Irish Coffee £5.00
  • (with Irish Whisky)
  • French Coffee £5.00
  • (with Cognac)
  • Calypso Coffee £5.00
  • (with Tia Maria)
  • Italian Coffee £5.00
  • (with Sambucca)
  • Indicates Madhu’s specialities
  • Denotes dish is spicy hot
  • Items may contain nuts or traces of nuts
  • Denotes items containing wheat and gluten


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Champagne and Sparkling Wines

Champagne and Sparkling Wines

House Champagne Dry wine with a tart golden fruit and a smack of oak on the nose. Clean and snappy on the finish. £35.00 £7.00 by the glass (175ml)
Moët & Chandon A classically made champagne from the largest champagne house. Soft, creamy and just lightly spicy. Made from a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. £48.00
Laurent Perrier Rosé Made by adding rather more of the Pinot Meunier and the Pinot Noir grapes into the blend, their rosé is a fine example fnom one of the better champagne houses. It has a biscuity nose and a smooth taste. £75.00
Cantina Colli Euganei Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry With a fine and persistent mousse, this soft and lively wine is full of fresh, fruity aromas with a floral touch. £29.00 £6.25 by the glass (175ml)


White Wines

2013 Vermentino IGP Pays d`Oc, Les Vignes de L`Eglise, Languedoc, France
Clean and bright, this aromatic wine is full of vibrant fresh fruit. Aromas of peach, mango, pineapple and pear intermingle and follow through onto the palate which is balanced and long.
£16.00 £5.00 by the glass (175ml)
2013 Chablis, Laroche, Burgundy, France
Bright, pale gold in colour with pronounced aromas of ripe apples, citrus, hay and a touch of honey. On the palate it is textured and complex with intense fruits and lovely minerality. Pear and spice flavours combine with fine acidity on the long finish
2013 Sancerre, Domaine des Brosses, Loire, France
Fresh, with citrus and herbaceous notes and the typical purity and minerality of excellent Sancerre.
2013 ‘P’ Pinot Grigio, Alpha Zeta, Veneto, Italy
A classic Pinot Grigio with lovely pear characters and a hint of fresh bread.
£18.00 £5.50 by the glass (175)

White Wines

2014 Chenin Blanc, Sangoma, Coastal, South Africa
Crisp, appley aromas and ripe, tropical flavours with a clean and dry finish.
2013 `Finca Los Primos` Chardonnay, Valentin Bianchi, Mendoza, Argentina
A refreshingly crisp Chardonnay with aromas of honeyed lemon and peaches and a smooth mouth feel.
2014 Sauvignon Blanc, Inspira, Valle del Maipo, Chile
A very drinkable, crisp Chilean Sauvignon Blanc. Lemongrass, lime and grapefruit flavours shine through, with a touch of herbal aromas.

Red Wines

2013 Merlot/Grenache IGP Pays d`Oc, Les Vignes de L`Eglise, Languedoc, France
Cherry red in colour, with fresh, perfumed aromas
of ripe plum and berry fruits from the Merlot and cherry and red fruits from the Grenache. It is smooth of the palate with medium to full body and integrated supple tannins. It is juicy, easy to drink, with a touch of spice on the long, fruit-driven finish
£16.00 £5.00 by the glass (175ml)
2013 Merlot, Calbuco, Valle Central, Chile
Deep purple colour, with exuberant, youthful perfumes of cassis and plum, together with a spicy, white pepper note. On the palate it is rounded and juicy, fresh and plummy with a soft, approachable structure and spiced fruit finish on the long, fruit-driven finish
2011 ‘Closerie de Vaudieu’ Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Château de Vaudieu, Southern Rhône, France
Juicily delicious. A stunning example of what this well-known region does so well – berry, liquorice and black pepper on the nose, ripe tannins with cassis and herb characters to finish.
2009 Rioja Reserva, Izadi, La Rioja, Spain
Shiny ruby in colour. Rich aromatic intensity with a nice balance of red fruit, liquorice and spices and hints of smoke in the background. Elegant and round on the palate with a long aftertaste full of floral and ripe fruit notes.
2013 Fairtrade Shiraz, Liberty Fairtrade, Olifants River, South Africa
Dark berry and spiced plum fruit with soft, ripe tannins and a lively cherry fruit finish.
£20.00 £5.00 by the glass (175)
2010 Organic Cabernet Sauvignon, Nativa, Valle Central, Chile
A distinctive organic Chilean wine with ripe black fruit and exotic spices.
2013 Pinot Noir, Kim Crawford, New Zealand
A silky Pinot Noir full of berries and stone fruit with
spice, cocoa and coffee.

Whisky & Malt

Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 25ml £13.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label 25ml £2.50

American Whisky

Jack Daniels 25ml £3.50
Southern Comfort 25ml £3.50

Single Malt

Lagavulin (Islay Malt) 25ml £5.00
Talisker (Island Malt) 25ml £5.00
Dalwinhee (Highlands Malt) 25ml £5.00
Glenfiddich 25ml £4.00


After Dinner Treats

Godfather Combination of Talisker® single malt whisky, Amaretto and orange zest. A sweet classic, perfect after dinner. 2.2 units. £6.00
Double Chocolate Martini Smirnoff® No.55 (Black) vodka, Baileys Irish Cream, Crème de Caçao. Chocolate heaven. 2.4 units. £6.00


Archers 25ml £3.00
Tia Maria 25ml £3.00
Cointreau 25ml £3.00
Sambuca 25ml £3.00
Baileys 25ml £3.00
Malibu 25ml £3.00


Martini (Dry or Sweet) 50ml £3.00
Campari 25ml £3.00
Pimms No 1 25ml £3.00

Beers/ Alcopops

King Cobra 750ml £10.00
Carling Pint £3.85
Carling Half £2.75
Cobra Pint £4.00
Cobra Half £2.80
Cobra Bottle 660ml £5.00
Cobra Bottle 330ml £3.50
Cobra Zero Bottle 330ml £2.50
Tusker Bottle 500ml £4.00
Kingfisher Bottle 330ml £3.50


Luxury Cocktails

Luxury Fusion A luxurious fusion of Ciroc® vodka and Tanqueray® No. Ten™ gin with watermelon juice, lemon juice, gomme, fresh mint and dry ginger ale. £7.00
Mango Julep A exotic blend of Bulleit Bourbon®, mango juice, fresh mint and lemonade. A must for Bourbon adorers. 2 units. £7.00

Premium Cocktails

Long Walker A long, refreshing drink containing Johnnie Walker Black Label® whisky with ginger ale, smoothed out with apple juice and finished with fresh lime. £6.00
Melonball Fusion of Smirnoff® No.55 (Black) vodka with Midori, pineapple juice and fresh lime. A ladies dream. 2.3 units. £6.00
Bloody Mary Smirnoff® No.55 (Black) vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper with fresh lemon. Timeless classic. 2 units. £6.00
Sex on the Beach Smirnoff® No.55 (Black) vodka with Archers® Peach schnapps infused with cranberry juice, orange juice and fresh orange. The name says it all. 1.7 units. £6.00
Long Island Iced Tea Tanqueray® gin, Smirnoff® No.55 (Black) vodka, Jose Cuervo Especial® tequila, Bacardi white rum, fresh lime and cola. Cool and refreshing, guaranteed to cause a stir whenever sipped. 2.2 units. £6.00
Spiced Mojito Morgan Spiced® rum, gomme, limes, fresh mint served on crushed ice and charged with soda. Taste the spices in this tangy beauty. 1.8 units. £6.00
Pina Colada Bacardi white rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream. Del boy speciality. 1.9 units. £6.00
Margarita Jose Cuervo Especial® (Gold) tequila, triple sec, fresh lime and fresh lemon. A classic made with the world's favourite tequila. 2.2 units. £6.00



Sauza Silver Tequila 25ml £3.00


Grey Goose® Vodka 25ml £4.00
Smirnoff® No.55 (Black) Vodka 25ml £3.50
Smirnoff No.21 (Red) Vodka 25ml £3.50
Absolut 25ml £3.50


Tanqueray ® No.Ten ™ Gin 25ml £4.50
Bombay Sapphire 25ml £3.50
Gordons 25ml £3.50


Captain Morgan 25ml £3.50
Bacardi 25ml £3.50


Hennessy XO 25ml £8.00
Remy Martin VSOP 25ml £3.50
Martell VSOP 25ml £3.50


Cockburns Special reserve 50ml £3.00

Soft Drinks

Aerated Water

Pepsi 300ml £2.50
Diet Pepsi 300ml £2.50
7-Up 300ml £2.50
Tango 300ml £2.50


Tonic water 160ml £2.00
Soda water 160ml £2.00
Bitter lemon 160ml £2.00
Ginger Ale 160ml £2.00
J20 (various flavours) 275ml £2.50


Passion Fruit (fresh) £3.50
Mango £2.50
Cranberry £2.50
Orange £2.50
Pineapple £2.50
Tomato £2.50
Guava £2.50


Mango lassi £3.00
Sweet £3.00
Salted £3.00


Still Water 750ml £3.00
Sparkling Water 750ml £3.00
  • Indicates Madhu’s specialities
  • Denotes dish is spicy hot
  • Items may contain nuts or traces of nuts
  • Denotes items containing wheat and gluten

Royal Veg Set Menu

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  • Indicates Madhu’s specialities
  • Denotes dish is spicy hot
  • Items may contain nuts or traces of nuts
  • Denotes items containing wheat and gluten

Royal Non Veg Set Menu

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  • Indicates Madhu’s specialities
  • Denotes dish is spicy hot
  • Items may contain nuts or traces of nuts
  • Denotes items containing wheat and gluten
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